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Posted on March 7, 2017 at 7:00 PM



There are times when we pause and contemplate where we are in our plan for our life. We have set goals for where we’ll be and what we’ll have attained by certain ages. We’ve set our intentions on specific career goals, how much money we’ll be making, the timing of our relationships, and when the children will arrive.

However, we soon discover that life doesn’t go according to our plan. We didn’t always make wise decisions, our circumstances knocked us off balance, or our relationships soured. It can feel as if nothing is working in our favor.

When we experience situations such as these, we can’t help but feel disappointed. We become depressed, angry, or feel hopeless. Sometimes we aren’t able to change these feelings and they become debilitating, and hold us paralyzed unable to shift out of an impending downward spiral.

On a holistic and spiritual level, we are not attuned. We are not attuned to our higher selves - God. Whoever your God is – he, she, they – God is the creator of all that is good. Love, peace, forgiveness, abundance, ultimate health….everything you can think of that gives you a sense of peace, comfort, or joy is of God. Therefore, it is a safe understanding that when we feel anything other than “good”, we are probably not attuned to God.

Attunement can be described as, bringing into accord, harmony, or sympathetic relationship; to adjust.

Holistically speaking, having thoughts of despair, fear, or anxiety are not the thoughts of God or that leads you closer to God. They lead to words that are on the same vibration as those thoughts; these words then contribute to physical sensations in the body. You feel stiff and achy, have headaches, stomach discomfort and other ailments, and ultimately disease. Your whole being is hurting and that takes you farther away from God.

If we chose to attune to the God of our understanding, we are better able to maneuver through the difficulties in our life. Our Creator’s desire for us is to experience joy.

So how do we do that? Think about what you love. What gives you joy? If you are artistic you can begin a project and get those creative juices flowing! If you like to cook, create a meal for someone you love. Recognizing and celebrating your talents is an expression of gratitude to the universe for all that you are. Tune into things you like!

Our difficulties are opportunities to attune; and the more we chose to attune the easier it becomes. The highs and lows of life level off and we become more emotionally at peace drawing to us more of the same.

When we attune to our higher power, we send out and draw to us the higher vibrations of happiness, success, ultimate health, and love and these manifest in our lives as physical and palpable circumstances. Our physical experience mirrors what is going on within our being and the Law of Attraction will move in ways that make sure we continue receiving what we are emanating.

If we eat and drink foods that nourish us, think and speak thoughts that will build us, and live according to the Golden Rule, we will find ourselves living in alignment with God. We will have attuned.

Attune…A tune… A song….you will be like a song in perfect harmony with all that is good...God.


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