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Path to Well-Being

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Posted on September 15, 2016 at 1:00 PM

Path to Well-Being would like to Welcome you to my blog! I am really excited to begin writing and I hope that you will find the words written here inspiring and empowering. It is my intention to present ideas and new understandings that will be thought provoking and uplifting as well as holistic health related topics. I look forward to your comments. We all have so much to learn and so much we can teach each other from our own experiences and understandings. 

My passion is Healing, and as an Herb Specialist, Holistic Educator, and Spiritualist Healer I hope to bridge the physical and the spiritual elements of healing for those who are searching for better health, spiritual guidance, and knowledge. I truly believe that all Healing must occur on a Spirit level in order for the mind, body, or circumstance to change. We need to understand that there is a Spiritual reason and solution for everything. But most importantly, is our own intention to be healed. All the knowledge in the world will not bring about Healing if one has not made up their be healed and grow.

Our food choices should nourish us on all levels - body, mind, and Spirit - while any supplements we take should help balance any weaknesses within the body. Of course we have to be mindful of our sleep habits and proper amounts of exercise. The next step is to focus on our mind. What are we thinking about and what our connection to our Divine is has a far greater role in our Well-Being than we realize. 

Our individual purpose on this Earth plane is to become the highest expression of the Divine as we can - not be perfect human beings - but to grow spiritually and enjoy our lives. If we're not happy and fulfilled, that usually signifies to us that it is time to make a change; time to shift our vibration to a higher frequency.

As we engage in positive thoughts, conversations and activities throughout our day, we draw to us the vibrational equivalent from the universe. Being mindful of this and holding the knowledge that we can shift our response to negative occurances in our day to acceptance and not anger or frustration we can on purpose, with intention, walk forward on our own Path to Well-Being.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!


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