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Posted on March 7, 2017 at 7:00 PM



There are times when we pause and contemplate where we are in our plan for our life. We have set goals for where we’ll be and what we’ll have attained by certain ages. We’ve set our intentions on specific career goals, how much money we’ll be making, the timing of our relationships, and when the children will arrive.

However, we soon discover that life doesn’t go according to our plan. We didn’t always make wise decisions, our circumstances knocked us off balance, or our relationships soured. It can feel as if nothing is working in our favor.

When we experience situations such as these, we can’t help but feel disappointed. We become depressed, angry, or feel hopeless. Sometimes we aren’t able to change these feelings and they become debilitating, and hold us paralyzed unable to shift out of an impending downward spiral.

On a holistic and spiritual level, we are not attuned. We are not attuned to our higher selves - God. Whoever your God is – he, she, they – God is the creator of all that is good. Love, peace, forgiveness, abundance, ultimate health….everything you can think of that gives you a sense of peace, comfort, or joy is of God. Therefore, it is a safe understanding that when we feel anything other than “good”, we are probably not attuned to God.

Attunement can be described as, bringing into accord, harmony, or sympathetic relationship; to adjust.

Holistically speaking, having thoughts of despair, fear, or anxiety are not the thoughts of God or that leads you closer to God. They lead to words that are on the same vibration as those thoughts; these words then contribute to physical sensations in the body. You feel stiff and achy, have headaches, stomach discomfort and other ailments, and ultimately disease. Your whole being is hurting and that takes you farther away from God.

If we chose to attune to the God of our understanding, we are better able to maneuver through the difficulties in our life. Our Creator’s desire for us is to experience joy.

So how do we do that? Think about what you love. What gives you joy? If you are artistic you can begin a project and get those creative juices flowing! If you like to cook, create a meal for someone you love. Recognizing and celebrating your talents is an expression of gratitude to the universe for all that you are. Tune into things you like!

Our difficulties are opportunities to attune; and the more we chose to attune the easier it becomes. The highs and lows of life level off and we become more emotionally at peace drawing to us more of the same.

When we attune to our higher power, we send out and draw to us the higher vibrations of happiness, success, ultimate health, and love and these manifest in our lives as physical and palpable circumstances. Our physical experience mirrors what is going on within our being and the Law of Attraction will move in ways that make sure we continue receiving what we are emanating.

If we eat and drink foods that nourish us, think and speak thoughts that will build us, and live according to the Golden Rule, we will find ourselves living in alignment with God. We will have attuned.

Attune…A tune… A song….you will be like a song in perfect harmony with all that is good...God.


The Power of Patience

Posted on February 6, 2017 at 11:30 AM

Excerpts from a lecture given January 22, 2017



"Patience, while not the best remedy for every trouble, is a virtue worth possessing."

That is a quote by Joan Youngblood from her discussion on the Power of Patience.

Patience can be defined in a few ways:


1. Patience is the bearing of suffering, provocation, delay, or tediousness, with calmness and self-control.

2. Patience is the ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay.

And finally,

3. Patience is even-tempered care, or diligence.


If we take a moment and think about the following words - bearing, suffering, delay, and annoyance - we can actually feel our bodies tense. Without discussing a specific situation, we already want to remove ourselves from it. That is what a lack of Patience can feel like.

There are many instances we face throughout our day when we are expected to exhibit Patience. "Expected" because that is how society would prefer we behave. Spiritually speaking, if we live by the Golden Rule, "treat others as we would have them treat us", we need to put our best foot forward and show Patience ourselves.

According to Joan Youngblood, there are three types of Patience. As if trying to cultivate Patience wasn't difficult enough, we need to cultivate three different types of patience. And just to make things more frustrating, I’ve noticed that each of these types of patience seems to blend with the others – so you can’t just work on one type at a time!

The first type of Patience we need to have is Patience with others. The second, is Patience with things and situations that are beyond our control. Lastly, and perhaps the most difficult, is Patience with ourselves.

People present opportunities for us to practice Patience all the time. When we need a file or data from a co-worker and they’re taking their time getting the information to us… we can lack Patience.

Or while we’re training someone and after numerous demonstrations they still do not understand how to complete a task…we can lack Patience.

Family members can bring out a lack of Patience in us; especially around the holidays.

When trying to communicate with others that just won’t see our point…we can lack Patience. We begin talking over and interrupting them.

When our relationships don’t meet our expectations and we want the other person to change faster…we can lack Patience.

Our lack of Patience contributes to bad decision making. We hurt people, we hurt ourselves.

I think any parent can recall a time or two when they didn’t show Patience with their children only to have them teach us a lesson in tolerance, love, and Patience.

When we don’t …show Patience to other people, what we fail to realize, is that the thing that they’re doing might actually appear to get worse because our attention is now focused on that thing!

We don’t realize our self-centeredness when we lack Patience, or expect someone to handle a problem for us immediately. We hurt people. We make snap decisions that we may regret. A lack of Patience with others can make us self-centered, unempathetic, and mean.

Our lack of Patience with another person is an indicator that we are not attuned to Infinite Intelligence - God - at that moment, and when that happens, we fail to see the beauty and divinity in others and ourselves. We will never see the blessings that are before us in a situation that requires us to wait…patiently.

The second type of Patience we need to cultivate is that with things and situations that are beyond our control.

Traffic ... there isn’t anything we can do about it so we might as well sit tight. It’s the perfect time to pray, send healing to someone, or say affirmations, such as “I am at peace” or “I am patience”.

Sometimes a situation that is out of our control can make us lose patience and become angry…even at God.

But what about the traumatic experiences or the horrors that occur in our lives that we can’t control? How can we even care about Patience when we experience a financial blow that devastates our life… an accident that changes how we live…or the death of a child? We pray. We draw on our spiritual practices to give us peace.

In James 5:7, we are told “Be patient – in your suffering – therefore beloved, until the coming of the Lord”. Well, not being a Patient person, I didn’t find much comfort in this passage, but gave this as an example of Patience in the Bible so, I decided I would ponder it for a while….I purposefully decided to have Patience, and sit quite for a few moments to make some sense out of this.

This is what was given to me…

“To be Patient in suffering doesn’t mean you have to be okay with what is happening. It means – mourn if you must, but don’t seek vengeance, don’t seek to place blame, don’t let anger harden you. You are not meant to suffer, you are meant to have joy despite your difficulties. The coming of the Lord – from a Spiritualist's perspective – means the choice to raise your vibration and attune to the Divine. Have the Patience…to Peace. It is your choice. And always ask your spirit band for help; they can’t lift you up if you don’t hold out your hands.”

Stacey Charter is quoted as saying, “Life is all about timing – the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable becomes available, the unattainable…attainable. Have patience, wait it out. It’s all about timing.”

When we stop resisting what is…we come into the vibration of peace, and attune to Infinite Intelligence. We allow ourselves to receive our blessings - everything we’ve manifested in the ethers can now manifest in the physical. Basically…when we stop resisting what is, we get out of God’s way.

The Natural Laws are God’s laws. And the Law of Patience can be described as: the allowing of every action to have its own time, its own season, in which to manifest.

Lastly, the most important type of Patience we need to have, is Patience with ourselves.

How many times do we set timelines to accomplish a goal, make New Year’s resolutions, or resolve ourself to overcome a personal shortcoming only to fail at it, fall short, or repeat the offending behavior? It happens – we’re human. But that fact isn’t good enough. When we are not patient with ourselves, we mentally bombard ourselves with destructive thought patterns that can lead us to hopelessness, anger or despair and we give up. We might look around at what others are doing, and what their accomplishments are and berate ourselves for not accomplishing the same or better. Our impatience can turn to jealousy and our behavior can spiral downward from there.

The ramifications on our health can be debilitating without Patience. Our nervous system can no longer function at peak performance and that contributes to sleeplessness, weight gain, irritability, digestive problems, and the list goes on…

And of course if we have no Patience with ourselves, we won't have any for others.

We can begin to develop Patience with ourselves by giving ourselves credit for all the things we have accomplished - the big things and the little things. Take stock of your talents and abilities and know they were given to you by your Creator to enjoy and share.

Even tempered care, or dilligence with ourselves includes our spiritual development and physical healing. Our spiritual development takes time and can take us on journeys we never imagined and reward us with precious gifts. We can heal and grow spiritually which gives us the peace that is needed for physical healing to take place.

Having Patience with God's timing and Patience with our body's healing affords us the awareness of the multitude of blessings that surround us every minute during this physical existence. We give thanks for the abundance that surrounds us and this acknowledgement aligns us with more abundance.

Patience is a step towards peace, towards healing...towards joy!






Posted on September 15, 2016 at 1:00 PM

Path to Well-Being would like to Welcome you to my blog! I am really excited to begin writing and I hope that you will find the words written here inspiring and empowering. It is my intention to present ideas and new understandings that will be thought provoking and uplifting as well as holistic health related topics. I look forward to your comments. We all have so much to learn and so much we can teach each other from our own experiences and understandings. 

My passion is Healing, and as an Herb Specialist, Holistic Educator, and Spiritualist Healer I hope to bridge the physical and the spiritual elements of healing for those who are searching for better health, spiritual guidance, and knowledge. I truly believe that all Healing must occur on a Spirit level in order for the mind, body, or circumstance to change. We need to understand that there is a Spiritual reason and solution for everything. But most importantly, is our own intention to be healed. All the knowledge in the world will not bring about Healing if one has not made up their be healed and grow.

Our food choices should nourish us on all levels - body, mind, and Spirit - while any supplements we take should help balance any weaknesses within the body. Of course we have to be mindful of our sleep habits and proper amounts of exercise. The next step is to focus on our mind. What are we thinking about and what our connection to our Divine is has a far greater role in our Well-Being than we realize. 

Our individual purpose on this Earth plane is to become the highest expression of the Divine as we can - not be perfect human beings - but to grow spiritually and enjoy our lives. If we're not happy and fulfilled, that usually signifies to us that it is time to make a change; time to shift our vibration to a higher frequency.

As we engage in positive thoughts, conversations and activities throughout our day, we draw to us the vibrational equivalent from the universe. Being mindful of this and holding the knowledge that we can shift our response to negative occurances in our day to acceptance and not anger or frustration we can on purpose, with intention, walk forward on our own Path to Well-Being.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!