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Path to Well-Being

It's your thyme to thrive!!

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        Rina's interest in Holistic Health and natural remedies began when she developed high blood pressure at a young age. With dietary and lifestyle changes, she was able to overcome this imbalance.

        When she started her family, her infant son developed severe colic and food allergies. Rina turned to holistic remedies once again to restore balance to her son's body, and became vigilant in learning about food labels and ingredients.

        After experiencing a serious illness and severe adverse reactions to medications, Rina's passion for Holistic Healing grew. She continues to educate herself about Holistic Wellness and the multitude of therapies that restore health, and promote balance and vitality.

        As a child, Rina was aware of her psychic and spiritual abilities and continues to study and develop these abilities today. She is excited to share her knowledge with those searching to grow spiritually and who want guidance.

        Her vast knowledge of Holistic Wellness and her Spiritual understandings and experiences, bridge the worlds of the physical and the metaphysical to facilitate the healing of all aspects of an individual - physically, mentally, and spiritually. We are spirit beings having a physical experience and we must recognize that each facet of our being needs care and nurturing!

        As she continues on her own Path to Well-Being, Rina feels divinely guided to help others on their own path for wellness, balance, and spiritual growth.

It's your thyme to thrive!!

Rina Salvemini is an Holistic Wellness Coach, Holistic Educator and Practitioner, and Herb Specialist.

She is also a graduate of The Morris Pratt Institute Educational Course on Modern Spiritualism and has earned the NSAC (National Spiritualist Association of Churches) credentials of Certified Medium,                Licentiate Minister and Ordained Minister.

Rina regularly serves as Message Minister, Healer, Chairperson, and Lecturer.

We will discuss your personal nutritional needs and health goals. Through kinesiology, iridology, lifestyle and diet analysis, we will examine any imbalances within the body systems, develop a protocol of herbal supplements to support these imbalances, and establish better habits and explore other holistic practices that may benefit you. We'll work together on changes you can make that will encourage a better sense of Well-Being!

*Rina does not suggest anyone should disregard advice, medications, or therapies given them by their doctors and encourages individuals to work with their doctors when adding any supplemental therapies. 

Why us?

The world of Holistic Health and Wellness is expanding! I want to help you navigate the different modalities and therapies to find what is right for you while addressing the need to heal and restore all aspects of your being - physical, mental, and spiritual!

Education, proper diet, and self-care will get you started on your own Path to Well-Being...and I am honored to help guide you there!!

It is your thyme to thrive!!